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Baltimore Metropolitan Area Remodeling

Why should I consider renovating?
Many choose to consider renovating their home because they are satisfied with the location which they currently live. Some families with children like the school district they are in and enjoy the social network they have built around them. So, renovating your home allows families to have their dream home while keeping the location and social surroundings they enjoy.
Am I in your service area?
We serve, primarily, throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan area but will consider projects outside that area depending on the scope and logistics. Please refer to our list of areas we serve.
How long should I expect the process take?
The time fram for a design/build can vary widely, taking a duration from anywhere between a few weeks to up tp a year. The duration of the project depends on the size and type of job being completed. There are multiple steps that need to be completed during the process, inclufing design, attaining permits, and construction, but our team works with you to ensure your project is completed as quickly and effectively as possible.
Can I stay in my home while you do the remodeling?
In most cases, yes, as long as there is one bathroom that is functional for you and/or your family to use during the remodeling. We will consider a makeshift kitchen and sleeping arrangements if you are remodeling those areas.
I want to renovate, but I don't think I can afford it. What are my options?
Don’t let the cost scare you away from creating your dream home. There are a couple options to choose from. Many choose to take out a home equity loan to pay for the renovations. We also, offer a “master plan” which allows the home owners to pay in 5-15 payment phases. This option gives the home owner a more manageable way of pay a larger sum of money in various steps thru the process.
If I’ve never been through the remodeling process before, how will I know what I want or what will work best?
We can help with remodeling process by developing multiple schematic floorplans that gives many different solutions. We want to make it work for you. Please review our step-by-step Design/Build process.
Without any previous experience, how can we tell the good contractors from those we should stay away from?
It’s not always easy to tell the difference from “good” and “bad” contractors. But, a few key things to look for: if they have any complaints against them in the home improvement commission, see if they are A+ accredited with BBB, and if they have more than a few references. Check out our Remodeling Contractor Checklist.
Do you offer any “green” or environmentally friendly options?
Yes, we offer “green” remodeling options in different degrees. Being “green” can be very expensive so it all depends on how much is allowed in your budget.
Do I need to find an architect for my project?
Nope. One of the benefits of working with a design/build company is that we handle the entire process for your project; from designing to the completion of construction.
Can I make changes or requests while the project is underway?
Feel free to discuss your changes with our contractors. We do our best to accommodate any modifications if it fits within the scope and the budget of the project. We can come to a compromise over whether or not we can take the project in that direction. This is your home, and we want you to feel comfortable and satisfied with the outcome.
I have a strict budget. Will you be able to work with it?
At Post & Beam Design/Build, we pride ourselves on providing the most competitive pricing in Baltimore County. It is best that you are upfront about your budgetary needs so that we can create a fully customized plan that is considerate of our estimated budget. We assure that this can indeed save you a great deal of effort and time in the long run.
I don’t know how to choose a contractor. I mostly look at prices. How do I know which one is right for me?
Remember that price is not the only element in the overall picture. You also have to think about accolades, quality of work and design, and stability of the build, as examples. These days, most of us are searching for the lowest possible price, not realizing that there are also some risks to accepting the lower price. At Post & Beam Design/Build, we do many things to keep our prices affordable while still maintaining top quality, such as in-house design work.
Where should I get started with my remodeling project?
Looking for ideas? Create a list, in order of most important to the least. Think about what you or your family needs. Do you want more living room space? Do you need to redo the kitchen to integrate more modern appliances and other conveniences? We can help you with the planning stages and help you avoid the mistake of investing your money in a project that is too ambitious or over your budget.

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